Jon David Rogers, Esq.

Jon is a native of Beaumont, Texas and spent most of his childhood there as well as Santa Fe, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado.

Jon attended AmericanUniversity in Washington, DC and earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in International Studies, with a focus on international trade and finance; and another in Justice, focusing on organized and white collar crime as well as policing methodology.  While at AmericanUniversity, Jon was an elected member of student government and very active in the American University and Washington, DC chapters of the College Republicans.

Jon has worked in the finance and real estate fields at a variety of levels, including as a foreign exchange broker, real estate agent and commodity futures broker.  As well as owning and operating several successful small businesses.

A graduate of the University of Denver College of Law, Jon is co-author of a major research paper on the impact of the US PATRIOT Act I and II on privacy rights in the US.  The paper, “Balance of Privacy vs. Security: A Historical Perspective of the USA PATRIOT Act,” was published in the Rutgers University Computer and Technology Law Journal.  In addition, Jon was a member of numerous school societies, particularly the Federalist Society, and a participant in mock trial competitions beginning in his first year.

During the same period, Jon was president of the Jefferson County, Colorado Young Republicans and Vice President of the Colorado Young Republicans.

Moving to Hendersonville, Tennessee, the hometown of his fiancée Desiree’ and their three spoiled dogs in 2010 and passing the Tennessee Bar exam later that year, Jon founded the Rogers Law Group in the beginning of January, 2012 as Middle Tennessee’s most aggressive and responsive client-focused law firm.

If you have questions for Jon and would like to know more about the Rogers Law Group, feel free to contact him via email by clicking here.

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