Small and mid-sized businesses are the heart and soul of Middle Tennessee’s economy.  As a business owner in the Nashville-area, a skilled, experienced and dedicated team of professionals is critical to your success.  A key person to have in that support network is an effective business attorney to protect your rights and interests in all of your company's endeavors. That is why the Rogers Law Group is the choice for business transactional and litigation representation throughout Middle Tennessee.  Whether you are looking to form a new business; wind down an existing company; prepare mergers and securitization documents or contracts with clients and vendors; or fight for your rights in litigation, the Rogers Law Group is there for you and your business every day.

Commercial and Business Litigation in Middle Tennessee- A basic level of trust is always the essential, first component of any business transaction here in the Nashville-area. However, when you have contracted with fails to deliver what they promised, it takes an experienced commercial litigation attorney to help protect your rights.

At the Rogers Law Group, we represent clients throughout Middle Tennessee in fighting for your business’ rights in court through litigation. We have worked with numerous businesses of all sizes, and are ready to assist you should your company find itself in a business dispute.

Lawsuits in Middle Tennessee, particularly business litigation, can be an extremely frustrating process. Sometimes an issue, large or small, between business partners can be so contentious, that an effective resolution isn't possible without the help of legal counsel. The Rogers Law Group works with our commercial litigation clients throughout Middle Tennessee to open communications between the parties and attempt an amicable resolution to the dispute. If you are still unable to come to agreement, we will vigorously pursue your rights and interests in litigation, including, but not limited to:

  • Contract disputes

  • Disputes about the quality of goods or services provided

  • Failure to pay for goods or services provided

When businesses are involved in lawsuits with each other, there is a lot at stake. Both companies are fighting to protect their reputations in Middle Tennessee and their hard-earned revenue. The Rogers Law Group works closely with our clients to understand their situation and goals.  Contact the Rogers Law Group today at 615-598-3663, we can help you.


Business Formation- The Rogers Law Group provides our clients in Nashville with thorough and complete advice and guidance regarding the appropriate business entity to choose, based on their goals and the particular circumstances of their business. Once your company is formed, we serve as the company's outside counsel to provide the new or the established business continuing advice for ongoing business operations.

The scope of services we provide includes:

  • Formation of both publicly and privately-held corporations, limited liability companies (LLC's), limited partnerships, professional corporations and limited liability partnerships (LLP's) under applicable Tennessee State Law

  • General corporate governance and counseling

  • Shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and operating agreements
  • Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and other formation documentation
  • Agreements among owners for transferability of interests upon death, withdrawal, retirement or disability

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Stock options and executive compensation

  • Service and independent contractor agreements and fee arrangements

  • License agreements

  • Vendor, Sales and Purchase Contracts
  • Purchase and sale agreements for businesses and real property

  • Leases

  • Distribution, production and supply agreements

  • General terms and conditions for purchase orders and invoicing

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Resolution of disputes among owners

  • Dissolution


Securitization- The need to securitize your business, the term used for issuing stocks, bonds and other financial instruments to aid in raising operating and investment capital isn’t something limited to the major corporations, which make up the Fortune 500.  Dozens of small and mid-sized companies here in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee can benefit greatly from the benefits that securitization can have for their business.

The process of securitization of your business is a complex and time-consuming one; you need a knowledgeable business and securities attorney to assist you with this task. The Rogers Law Group can aid you in your company's securitization transactions that have the potential to raise much-needed capital in variety of asset classes. These transactions utilize various funding options including public offerings and private placements of securities and other financing vehicles such as commercial paper conduits to maximize the benefits to you; and the Rogers Law Group can help anyone, from older companies looking to add additional shares, or first-time issuers. Our firm is well-equipped to understand the concerns unique to securitization issuers and to provide the guidance necessary to make both new and veteran businesses and issuers throughout the Nashville-area feel comfortable with what can be a complicated process.

Mergers and Acquisitions- The Rogers Law Group represents both acquiring companies and target companies throughout Middle Tennessee in mergers and acquisitions; structuring the very finest agreement to benefit your company's short and long-term goals. Structuring the optimal acquisition requires experience in corporate law, securities law and tax law.  We draw from the strengths of our firm and our network of professionals throughout Middle Tennessee to effectively assist our clients in the process.

For sellers in the Nashville area, The Rogers Law Group's approach is to plan for a beneficial exit strategy long before a deal is on the horizon.  Our firm assists selling clients in organizing its records and agreements, finding the issues that might stall an eventual sale, and assist in pre-acquisition planning.  The Rogers Law Group also works with business brokers and investment bankers, as appropriate, to assist in finding potential buyers and closing the transaction.

For buyers throughout Middle Tennessee, our firm provides advice concerning the structure and documentation required for the transaction, and leads diligent investigations into the selling company’s affairs.  The Rogers Law Group also provides the necessary filings to close a transaction, whether a Premerger Notification with the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice for larger transactions, to simple securities filings or bulk sales notices for smaller transactions.

Protect your business and the hard work that helped build it.  Contact the Rogers Law Group Today.  Also, for insightful and informative discussions on a variety of business law topics with a focus on aiding the business owner, please visit Middle Tennessee's Premier Business Law Blog for regular updates and new topic discussions.

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