The Rogers Law Group is your attorney for ensuring you obtain the damages and justice you deserve and to help you get your life here in Middle Tennessee back on track and your focus on the things that matter most: family, work and community.  Civil litigation consists of lawsuits, which are filed between private parties, where one alleges the other has caused physical, emotional or financial injuries to the other.  The Rogers Law Group aggressively and zealously represents our clients throughout the Nashville-area in matters such as these.

These injuries are compensated with money and sometimes injunctions or other court orders that compel the wrongdoing party either do or stop doing a certain act as the case might be.

The Rogers Law Group is your partner in ensuring you are not only compensated monetarily for your injuries, but also that you receive the satisfaction of obtaining justice and the chance to move forward with your life and the things that matter most.


Personal Injury- If you have been injured or someone you love has been killed due to the negligence of others here in the Nashville-area, you need a compassionate, experienced attorney who knows how to take care of his clients and get them the results they deserve.

The Rogers Law Group provides the people of Middle Tennessee with the advice and guidance they need to heal from their injuries and move forward with their lives. Your injuries may entitle you to compensation for lost income, property damage, past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement and emotional distress. The Rogers Law Group will fight to give you the best possible results.


The Rogers Law Group handles all personal injury cases throughout Middle Tennessee, including:

  • Catastrophic Personal Injuries

  • Brain Injuries

  • Severe Burn Injuries

  • Workplace Accidents

  • Wrongful Death

  • Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Construction Accidents

  • Sports-Related Injuries

  • Wrongful Death

The Rogers Law Group focuses on helping those who need it most: victims of catastrophic injuries and families who have lost a family member due to the negligence of others. Our firm has the ability to handle even the most complex cases such as wrongful death, traumatic brain injuries, burn victims, spinal cord injuries and paralysis with determination, aggressive focus and total customer care in most counties around Nashville and Middle Tennessee.  We bring in accident reconstruction and medical experts to prove the extent of your injuries, and use computer animation and visual presentations to convey that message to the jury.


Most personal injury cases do not go to trial, but rather end with settlements that are offered by insurance companies. Settlements are payments of money that insurance companies offer to people who have been injured due to the negligence of their customers, customers like you.

However, insurance companies often have ulterior motives for offering this payment. Insurance companies frequently try to force victims to settle quickly to avoid responsibility for injuries that may arise in the future. For example, many brain injuries cannot be diagnosed until months after an injury occurs. These companies take advantage of the fact that families may need money to help care for the victim and pay bills, and quickly offer settlements to avoid paying a much greater amount in the future.

The Rogers Law Group understands the methods of insurance companies throughout Middle Tennessee, and we make sure that you do not accept a settlement until you know the full extent of your injuries. The Rogers Law Group helps its clients by ensuring that they receive appropriate medical care after the injury.

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents- Tennessee can be an extremely dangerous place for drivers and riders. With aggressive, negligent and inattentive drivers around every corner, and vehicles on the roadways ready to self-destruct at any moment, your life may be at danger any time you get behind the wheel. If you have been catastrophically injured or a loved one has been killed in an automobile accident, the Rogers Law Group is the law firm you can rely on to ensure your interests are protected and justice is served.

We understand how stressful and painful it can be for the victims of auto accidents and their families. While you recover physically and emotionally from your injuries, our firms works to aid you recovering the compensation you deserve in court. Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in car accident cases throughout Tennessee, including:
  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Head-On Collisions
  • Rollovers
  • Hit and Runs
Our attorneys are capable of handling any kind of auto accident case for our clients, including complex cases resulting in traumatic brain injury, severe burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and even death. We treat each case with the utmost importance, and are dedicated to providing clients with aggressive and dedicated representation in court. We do battle with insurance companies to ensure that they provide you with the coverage and compensation that you are entitled to. Even if you caused the accident in question, we work to minimize your liability and provide a vigorous defense of your case in court.

Every year, many people are injured due to mechanical failures and design defects present in vehicles. Toyota recently made national headlines for knowingly allowing cars to be sold with defective accelerators that made it impossible for drivers to stop their vehicles. These manufacturers have little regard for the lives of their customers, and to make matters worse, they often hire teams of skilled attorneys to defend their actions in court.  You need a team of your own to fight for you, let us be that team and get the results you deserve.

Products Liability- The millions of products that are bought and sold every day are supposed to be safe to consumers. Products must be manufactured, labeled and marketed in accordance with state and federal laws. Defective products, dangers that are not included on the label and false marketing can influence consumers to not only buy these dangerous products, but to place their personal health and well-being at risk. For example, if a drug does not have all of its side effects labeled, an innocent individual could be seriously injured from a deadly side effect causing injury, illness or death. The Rogers Law Group can provide you or a loved one with powerful and effective legal representation if you have been injured by a defective or improperly-marketed or labeled product.


There are many circumstances that can lead to product liability claims, and The Rogers Law Group is standing by to assist you with cases such as these:
  • Defective consumer products
  • Product recalls
  • Medical device recalls
  • Defective tires
Consumers who read all warning labels and use products in their intended manner should not be in fear of injury. Manufacturers, retailers and even advertisers could make false claims, fail to inform consumers of dangers, or manufacture faulty or defective products. Their failure to be responsible and exercise reasonable care for the safety of consumers is unacceptable. The Rogers Law Group understands what you are going through. Your trust has been violated and you have been injured as a result. 


Filing a claim for a faulty or defective product can be confusing and you should be assisted by a high quality law firm. The Rogers Law Group knows how to properly research and file a product liability claim. What happened to you is unacceptable and we believe that the negligent or guilty party should be held accountable for all damages. We advise that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can document your claim.

Investor Fraud- There are several areas in which investors may be injured due to fraudulent practices. Whether you have purchased securities, invested in stocks and/or bonds or been the victim of deceptive trade practices, you need an attorney, experienced in the financial industry who will examine the facts and help determine whether you have a case. If you have been wronged, you can be guaranteed that the other side will have a team of skilled attorneys to fight and claw to protect every cent you deserve to recover.  Therefore, you need an attorney with skill and experience in the financial markets, that edge can often make a difference in the outcome you can expect.

Jon Rogers is a financial industry veteran and The Rogers Law Group understands that brokers often use a wide variety of schemes to promote activity that is fraudulent, often unbeknownst to the investor. Brokers may make recommendations to investors that are unsuitable or contrary to your objectives, or buy and sell securities excessively in order to generate commissions (called "churning"). When a broker buys or sells securities without the investor's knowledge or permission or makes false promises as to how an investment will perform resulting in financial loss, it is time to take legal action. The Rogers law Group is capable of identifying responsible parties, detecting fraudulent schemes and evaluating your account activity in order to reveal if indeed investment fraud has occurred.

If you have suffered financial loss because of the negligence or fraudulent acts of a financial industry firm or professional, it is imperative to contact the Rogers law Group today; cases such as these are complex and time is of the essence. Frequently, inexperienced investment fraud attorneys do not have in-depth understanding of the law or know how to handle these cases. When you have been taken advantage of by fraudulent brokers, financial advisors or other parties, it can leave you financially devastated. Choose an investment fraud attorney with a proven, successful track record to protect your rights.

Medical Malpractice- Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals serve an indispensable function in all of our lives.  They ease our pain and suffering and help get our lives back on track when illness or injury strike.  Sometimes mistakes, complications and errors occur that are beyond the ability of anyone to control, however not all doctors and nurses are the same.  Many times errors occur, which severely impair the quality of life for the patient and are avoidable.  If you are a victim of such an injury and believe it to be due to the negligence or incompetence of your physician, hospital, HMO or other health care provider, you owe it to yourself to contact the Rogers Law Group Today for a consultation.

The Rogers Law Group can objectively analyze your case and prepare and present complicated medical evidence to determine the basis of your claim. We work diligently to ensure every avenue of liability has been explored and we won't rest until you have been compensated for the injuries and suffering you've endured.

You or a loved one who has suffered an injury deserve justice.  Contact the Rogers Law Group Today for a consultation.

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