Real Estate is an essential component to the daily life of virtually all Americans as well as the American economy and way of life.  Owning land is usually associated with being the key component to living the American Dream.  In addition, land will always be worth something, so it is an investment, one with exceptional potential for profitable returns.  Regardless of what your interest in real estate is, from buying or selling raw land, your own home, or you are an investor looking to add or sell a piece of your portfolio, the Rogers Law Group can represent every one of your real estate interests in Middle Tennessee and the Nashville-area.

Real Estate Transactions- Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Nashville-Area, involves Real Estate and Property Law, which covers an extensive area of the law, which is regulated by federal and state statutes and case law. Many aspects of real estate law overlap with contract law. The terms “real estate”, “realty” and “real property” are generally used interchangeably, although many people associate “real estate” more closely with the tangible components of a piece of property, such as structures or buildings and the land itself. However, real estate encompasses more than just the obviously tangible aspects; it also consists of the interests, benefits, obligations and rights that are legally considered attached to a piece of real property.  These rights can include rights to the air above the land, to drill in the ground beneath it, rights to live on the property for a specific timeframe or to acquire the real property in the future, rights or duties to allow another restricted use of a part or all of your land, and more. 

The Rogers Law Group is your Middle Tennessee law firm for assisting you in finalizing the details on your real estate transaction, large or small and ensuring that your rights are protected and you obtain as many benefits as possible for yourself.

Foreclosure Defense- Even before the current economic troubles, foreclosure was a very real problem for many Americans.  Today it is merely the size of the problem and the number of people effected that have changed, unfortunately for the worst.  If you are facing foreclosure here in Middle Tennessee, you probably have questions such as: Can anything be done to save my home? Will hiring a lawyer make a difference, and, if so, which law firm should I hire? These are not simple questions under any circumstances and your circumstances may involve loss of income and a limited amount of time to take action. This site is here for two purposes: (1) to explain to you the foreclosure process and (2) to introduce our firm and explain why we are different from other lawyers defending foreclosure cases. Aside from paying off the arrearages owed to your lender or entering into a loan modification program with them, the only truly legal recourse open, is a lawsuit to force the lender to abandon foreclosure efforts.

The basis for a successful foreclosure lawsuit in Middle Tennessee is founded in both statute and common law, where the lender must go through a number of procedures in order to lawfully foreclose.  Oftentimes there are problems in the process by which lenders follow, and as a result, there is grounds to challenge the validity of the foreclosure, but homeowners are unaware of there defects.  The Rogers Law Group is your attorney in Middle Tennessee to protect your rights of home ownership through a foreclosure defense lawsuit.

We do not accept every case or every client that wants to hire our firm. Not every foreclosure case needs a lawyer and if you do not need a lawyer we will let you know. The Rogers Law Group has many practice areas, but one constant that applies to virtually all of them, is that we are litigators, first and foremost.  As such, we plan to go to court for every client that hires us to protect their home from foreclosure. We welcome calls and e-mails to discuss your individual case. If you have been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, if you don’t get help from our law firm, get help from an attorney who a member of the Tennessee Bar… loan modification companies and out of state lawyers can’t go to court for you and cannot stop foreclosure once lawsuit has been filed.  Moreover, many of these companies are fraudulent.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions- Our law firm assists home, commercial and real estate investment property buyers resolve property problems or achieve real estate development goals involving zoning and land use, including:

  • Permit Appeals
  • Zoning Appeals
  • Breach of Contract

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